Gday everyone!

My name is Samuel Parker, I am a millennial, an Aussie and I’m completely car mad.

But anyone who knows anything will know that cars, especially cool ones, can be pretty expensive.

Thankfully I also like electronics, more specifically 3D printing, Arduino, RC planes, RC cars, FPV drones, Raspberry Pi and Robots.

In this blog I hope to share all my projects on the above topics (and maybe more) so that you can make anything that takes your fancy, better yet you can hack it all and share it back because everything I make and will be open-source, With models on Thingiverse and code on GitHub.

I will also do reviews of any products that I buy or am given so that you can make more informed purchases when you come to buy them.

If you want to buy anything you see on the blog then please use the affiliate links, I know its an old tale but it really does help me keep this blog afloat (it’s DEFINITELY not free) and get me stuff to review.